Microsoft Internet Scavenger Hunt

Check out theses websites to learn more about Microsoft and also answer the questions on my Scavenger Hunt.

  1. Microsoft --
    • What street is Microsoft Corporate Headquarters located on?
    • How old will Microsoft be this year?
    • Who were the two founders of Microsoft?
    • With what machine was the first programming language developed?
    • What was Microsoft's net income for the fiscal year ending in June 2000?
    • Who is the Sr. Vice President of MSN?
  2. MSPress-- Microsoft Press Books Overview Microsoft Computer Books
    • How much does Microsoft Windows XP/2003 Active Directory Programming cost?
    • How many programs do you get whe you purchase the Premium Microsoft Office Suites XP/2003?
    • How much Money can you save if you buy Microsoft products through Microsoft
    • How much is Level A Project 2003 Step-by-Step Courseware cost?
    • How many new release Personal Desktop Titles has Microsoft come out with recently?
    • What Personal Desktop Title had a June 2001 release date?
  3. MSBC--
    • What is the most popular alternative to Microsoft Office?
    • What web browser alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most popular?
    • What does MSBC stand for?
    • When was the MSBC first started?
    • What kind of trial is brought againest Microsoft by the United States?
    • Who wrote "Making Microsoft Safe for Capitalism"?
  4. Bill Gates Net Worth Page--
    • How many times has Bill Gates been proclaimed the Richest Man in the World by Forbes Magazine?
    • How much is Bill Gates worth?
    • What percentage of Microsoft does Bill Gates own?
    • What is Microsoft stock's all-time high price?
    • How much money per second has Bill Gates made since Microsoft went public in 1986?
    • Theoretically, on what day would Bill Gates be able to pay off the National Debt of $5.64 Trillion?
  5. Gates Foundation--
    • What is the name of Bill Gates's foundation?
    • How much money did Bill Gates donate to the The Government of Nunavut?
    • How much money did Bill Gates donate to the CARE program of Atlanta?
    • How many newborns die annually due to poorly managed pregnancies?
    • How much money did Bill Gates donate to accelerate the global effort to create and distribute an AIDS vaccine?
    • Who won the $1 million dollar first annual Gates award?