Business Scavenger Hunt





1.    Wal-Mart

o        Where did Sam Walton open the first Wal-Mart Store?      

o        What was the name of the first Wal-Mart? Was it Walton's Five and Dime, Walton's General Merchandise, or Walt's World of Merchandise?      

o        In what year did Sam open his first store?      

o        What is Sam's simple business philosopy?      

o        In what year did Sam Walton open the first Wal-Mart?      

o        How many Wal-Marts are there nation wide? Are there 1349, 4203, or 8945?      

o        Why do people say that they return to Wal-Mart again and again?      

o        What is Wal-Mart's "10-foot attitude"?      




2.    Target

o        Where did the first Target open?      

o        When did the first Target open?      

o        What made Target different from other stores?      

o        How many Target Stores are out there?      

o        Approximately how many people are employed by Target?      

o        Just how big is the typical Target store? Is it 120,000 ft, 126,000 ft, or 75,000 ft.      










3.    Nike

o        How did Bill Bowerman make the first rubber sole?      

o        What was the forerunner of Nike?      

o        When did Blue Ribbon Sports become Nike?      

o        Who was Bill Bowerman's colleague and partner at Nike?      

o        What does the word NIKE mean in Greek?      

o        Who are some of today's top athletes that help to advertise NIKE?      

o        How long can it take a NIKE shoe to be designed then produced?      

o        Coach Bowerman discovered that for every ounce shaved off a Nike shoe how many pounds were lost over distance? 200, 100, or 33 pounds?      

o        How many workers does it take to make one pair of Nike shoes?      

o        How many parts does the average Nike shoe have?      

o        How much did NIKE pay Carolyn Davidson for creating the swoosh symbol?      



4.    Reebok

o        What different kinds of sports have specialized shoes?      

o        Name one men's Basketball shoe.      

o        How much does the average Survivor T-shirt cost?      

o        What is Reebok University?