Student Information is added in customizable Progress Entry Form.  Upon submission, data is entered securely to MS Access database for viewing by administrators, advisors, etc.


EXAMPLE OF DATA REPORT,  (EL91 = English Task 9th Grade 1st Qtr.)


StudentID Grad Yr HR First MI Last EL91 EL92 EL93 EL94 MA91 MA92 MA93 MA94 SC91 SC92 SC93 SC94 SS91 SS92 SS93 SS94 TE91 TE92 TE93 TE94 FA91 FA92 FA93 FA94 SP91 SP92 SP93 SP94
1111110 2009 102 Stephen J Rocco x x x x x
x x                                        
1111200 2010 101 Mandy
Yastremzki x x x x x x x x                                        
1199920 2008 110 Shannon
O'Malley x x x x x