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  • EZ E-PORT is an "electronic" or "digital" portfolio application developed for K-12 Education.

  • EZ E-PORT can be adapted for Employability, Post-Secondary, and Professional use.

  • EZ E-PORT is available in standard templates or customizable to fit your needs.

  • EZ E-PORT is economical to use by utilizing current widely available hardware and software.

  • EZ E-PORT integrates technology and real life skills such as essays, projects, resumes, letters, spreadsheets, hyperlinking, graphic design, scanning, and moviemaking, are used to exhibit student work and show evidence of student growth.

  • EZ E-PORT allows for student progress data reporting to MS Access database.

  • EZ E-PORT makes sense.  No annual renewal fees.

"You own the application." "Students own their work."  


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The EZ E-PORT application was created using Microsoft PowerPoint and can be designed for use over a multi-year comprehensive graduation e-portfolio, for a single end of course e-portfolio, a one year e-portfolio in multiple courses, or set up to showcase or display work for an entire class.  The most distinguishing features are economics of ownership and simplicity of design.  Unlike more costly web based e-portfolio systems, it uses MS Office applications.  EZ E-PORT is versatile, created on a local network or standalone computer. When completed, the work can be uploaded to a web site, server, CD, DVD, or flash drive for public viewing.    Each assignment is linked with a customizable (by you) Reflective Entry Slip which can be linked to Content or State Standards, Grade Span Expectations, SCANS Skills or whatever method of measurement you use to track performance.  Depending upon available resources and complexity of design requirements, e-portfolio artifacts can include MS Word Documents, MS Excel Spreadsheets, Pictures, PDF files, Windows Media files, sub-routined, embedded PowerPoint presentations, hyperlinked web sites, etc. 

Students save all their work independently on floppies, flash drive, or network and through the EZ E-Port template create an organized, standards based electronic portfolio using selected artifacts that they have created.  Artifacts used can be teacher or curriculum driven and some can be "student choice" artifacts that they are proud to display.   

Due to it's advanced interactive design features, EZ E-PORT performs like a web site, not a slide show presentation.  Students and viewers can easily navigate through slide by slide in sequence, or by clicking on navigation buttons.  The most attractive feature is that after the setup and training is complete,  you own it and there is no annual renewal fee.