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Lesson Title:  Using Impatica for PowerPoint 5



  1. Students will successfully convert and upload a  powerpoint presentation for public viewing on a website.
  2. Students will collaboratively evaluate Impatica as a technology tool.  Blog Post 1 below  
  3. Students will peer review the presentations of two classmates by viewing the presentations on 2 different devices using different platforms.   Blog Post 2 below  


Rationale:  PowerPoint presentations can be relatively large files, Impatica compresses and converts them into a non-editable, copy protected, universal viewing format for publication on the web

NETS 2-a  Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers,

experts, or others employing a variety of digital

environments and media

NETS 2-b. Communicate information and ideas effectively

to multiple audiences using a variety of media

and formats


Brief description of the project :  Students will learn to convert and upload a PowerPoint presentation for public viewing and peer editing. 


Description of Activity:  All students have previously created a PowerPoint E-Portfolio that needs to be published for peer review and instructor assessment.  In this week’s lesson students will successfully convert (compress) their presentation and publish to a server site for public viewing.  Students will then log onto the class blog site and comment twice.  The first will be an evaluation of Impatica for PowerPoint, and the second will be peer reviews of two presentations viewed on two separate devices, at least one being a mobile device or tablet.  My 2 blog posts will specify the instructions for the comments.    


Face-to-Face Instructional Strategy

Technology Integration

Strategy 1:  Technology enhanced see underlined items


Class discussion of making PowerPoint presentations shared or public.   Viewing on computer with LCD projector onto screen for entire class to share ideas.  Students should simultaneously record pros and cons in their notes.

Strategy 2:  Technology enhanced see underlined items

Students will be at individual computers in lab as Impatica for PowerPoint is introduced as a tool for instruction and assessment. Discussion of features, uses, versatility,, etc.  Viewing on computer with LCD projector onto screen for entire class to share ideas.  Instruction on use of Impatica to compress, convert, and publish to web server for public viewing. 

Strategy 3:  Technology enhanced see underlined items

Online Blog comments to two blog posts.


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Blog Post Rubric

Resources and Media  (included above)   Computers, LCD Projector, Online Blog, Impatica for Powerpoint software



Assessment Plan



Observation of participation

Successful conversion and publishing


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Blog Post Rubric


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